Green Mountain Chronicles

Green Mountain Chronicles Staff

The Green Mountain Chronicles is a series of 52 five-minute radio programs created by the Vermont Historical Society between 1987 and 1988. They were broadcast by commercial and public radio stations throughout the state in late 1988 and early 1989. The radio series tells the history of Vermont in the twentieth century using archival sound recordings and oral history interviews.

The interviewers spoke with well known Vermonters such as Governors Philip Hoff, Deane Davis, and Madeleine Kunin; lesser known personalities such as Catherine Robbins Clifford, one of the first women to hike the entire length of the Long Trail; historians such as Weston Cate; and "ordinary" Vermonters. Subjects were as diverse as the KKK in Vermont, Vermont country fairs, and the Green Mountain Parkway.

All programs are listed in the menu to the right; they are organized chronologically by subject. Pages contain a link to an audio file of the program, background notes about the subject, and transcriptions of interviews that were taken to make the program (when available).

Please note: You must have Quicktime installed to listen to these shows.

The Chronicles are also currently being re-released on Podbean and Apple Podcasts.

The Green Mountain Chronicles project was undertaken by the VHS in celebration of its 150th anniversary and was funded by a grant from the Vermont Council on the Humanities and Public Issues with additional support from New England Telephone Company. Interviews were conducted and recorded by Mary Kasamatsu & Mark Greenberg; the broadcasts were written and produced by Mary Kasamatsu & Mark Greenberg of Woodsmoke Productions; advisors and researchers were Michael Sherman, Eleanor Ott, Jeffrey Potash, and Gene Sessions; and technical assistance was provided by Steve Zind.

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