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History for Homeschoolers - Vermont Geography

Use maps to consider how Vermont's history was influenced by geography.

Winter Trivia Championships

Our popular trivia program is back! Over the course of four rounds in January, join us to test your knowledge about the history of Vermont. Championship round!

Vermont History Day Student Research Day

Students can receive help with their VT History Day projects, research Vermont history topics at the library, or consult with History Day experts.

Winter Speaker Series: African-Americans in Vermont, 1790-1870 with Jane Williamson

Jane Williamson has been researching and documenting the lives of Black Vermonters for more than a decade. Many of these Vermonters were highly successful and integrated into their communities as church members, parents of schoolchildren, farmers, and homeowners. Their stories have often been overlooked, and Williamson brings to bear a variety of research methods and questions to highlight their contributions to Vermont history.

Virtual Roundtable: Collections Donation Issues

Join the Vermont Historical Society and our League of Local Historical Societies & Museums (LLHSM) for online lunchtime discussions this Winter.

History for Homeschoolers - Vermont Businesses

Examine historic documents and artifacts to learn about the history of businesses in Vermont.

Winter Speaker Series: Bringing Geography Home: Genieve Lamson and the Vermont Commission on Country Life

On January 16, 1923, geographer Genieve Lamson (1887–1966) of Randolph became the first woman to address an annual meeting of the Vermont Historical Society in its 85-year history. Six years later, she took a leave from teaching at Vassar College to study population shifts, especially those of immigrant farm families, for the Vermont Commission of Country Life, best known today for its advocacy of eugenics. Bucking the biases of her employers, Lamson’s results celebrated pluralism, told marginalized women’s stories—and were sidelined. Marking the 100th anniversary of Lamson’s VHS address and Women’s History Month, this talk will bring to light Lamson’s long-overlooked work for the Commission and place it in the context of her education, politics, and career as an academic with an abiding passion for her home state and all its people.

Virtual Roundtable: Community Engagement Strategies

Join the Vermont Historical Society and our League of Local Historical Societies & Museums (LLHSM) for online lunchtime discussions this Winter.

Vermont History Day State Contest

Vermont History Day is an exciting education program that encourages students to develop research and critical thinking skills through project based learning and the study of history.

History for Homeschoolers - Preserving Vermont's History

Learn how stories of the past are saved and shared.

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